Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Autumn in New York!

From the Associated Press today:

GOP Delegates Meet With Anti-Bush Signs
Wed Aug 25, 2:21 AM ET
NEW YORK - In case their discontent isn't already clear, protesters are spelling it out. "Stop Bush Now" signs and other anti-GOP messages are appearing throughout the city well before delegates arrive for the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday.

Autumn in New York,
Why does it seem uninviting?
Autumn in New York
Look at those placards they're writing!

Ominous crowds with Abu Ghraib shrouds
In canyons of steel,
They’re making me feel - like a heel.

It’s autumn in New York!
Placards on each subway train,
Rallies in Central Park:
"NO MORE YEARS" is their refrain.

Marchers with angry signs,
Long unemployment lines,
Is it autumn in New York,
Or Chicago over again?

Autumn in New York:
Rooftop signs seen from the plane,
"Cheney is a Dork,"
"Bush Lied, They Died" and words profane.

Yes, jaded pols and media hacks
Who lunch at the Ritz
Will say it's no big deal, but still -

This autumn in New York
Regime change is in the air
Oh, autumn in New York
Taxis to and from Mad Square,

Pass by demos dawn to dark,
Cops and firemen, loud and noisy,
Why did we pick New York?
Next time let's have it in Boise.