Thursday, August 26, 2004

Expert on Dying Dies

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the Swiss-born psychiatrist internationally known for her expertise on death and dying, and for bringing the taboo subject of death "out of the closet," as it were, has died at the age of 78.

Of her own death, Kubler-Ross wrote, "Dying is nothing to fear. It can be the most wonderful experience of your life. It all depends on how you have lived. Death is but a transition from this life to another where there is no more pain and anguish. Everything is bearable when there is love. My wish is that you try to give people more love. The only thing that lives forever is love."

Sources close to Kubler-Ross stated that the famed author went through a progression of stages including denial, anger, bargaining, and depression, before coming to this last stage of acceptance.