Monday, August 23, 2004

Sean Guerin's Taken His MA: A Lament

The Grad Rep leaned on a weeping willow
With face upturned to the moon;
The night was dark, the wind did billow
As she sang this mournful tune:

"Alas, alas, I’m all forlorn!
Sean Guerin’s taken his MA.
I would that I had ne'er been born
To see Sean Guerin go away.

From Rubin and Westbrook’s wild assaults
His thesis he defended,
His seven years seem but a waltz
Now that they’re finally ended.

Our swank Gradlounge no more will see
The crumbs from his Fig Newtons,
Nor echo with his punditry
On subjects high-falutin'.

I languish here in dull self-pity;
All pleasures have been banished.
Let not Sean Guerin leave this city
Or joy's forever vanished."